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Discover our K&T double-basses:

Our basses are made exclusively by hand. Building a perfect instrument requires more than 300 hours of work, a lot of precision, experience and craftsmanship.

This causes a waiting list for new basses.

New K&T

Norditalian double bass, 1900s

4-String length 105,5 cm

A very fine Italian bass made around 1890 – 1920. Very good repaired condition, backplate replaced around 1960. The scroll is probably an old Viennese scroll dating to 1750. Incredible, dark and powerful sound.

€ 42000,- differential taxation

Jan Kulik, Prague 1852

4-string bass, string-length 101 cm

Built by one of the most famous violin makers of Prague of the 19th century, this is very rare and sought after instrument. Completely original condition. Few cracks, beautifully restored. No Soundpost or Bassbar Cracks. A proper solo instrument to fill even the biggest halls. Jan Kulik was a pupil of Martin Stoss in Vienna, a fact that you can see and hear in this beautiful bass.

€ 46000,- differential taxation

C. Hermann Voigt 5-String double bass built in 1900

5-string scale 107 cm

Built as a 5-string bass in 1900 for the Vienna Concert-Verein (orchestra which was based in the Vienna Musikverein and later became the Vienna Symphony Orchestra). This special instrument was delivered by C. Hermann Voigt to the orchestra situated in the Vienna Musikverein. Most likely it is a southern German master instrument, which was completed in the Viennese Workshop. An incredibly voluminous, fast responding bass. Soft in tone, but with lots of projection. Strong and loud tone. An absolute top instrument for the demanding musician. This bass enhances every bass group with its enormous tone. Conveniently playable even in the high registers with soloist qualities. Very good condition, perfectly restored and optimally set up.

(On some screens, the photos can look slightly red-stitched. But the bass is brownish!)

€ 55000,- differential taxation

Johann Joseph Stadlmann, Vienna 1762

5-String Eb neck String-length 109cm.

Viennese Double Bass built in Emperor Theresias time. Original neck (no Neckcraft). Very well repaired and all in original condition.

Played in Viennese Tuning with gut strings. This is the closest one can get to the original sound of 250+ years ago.

€ 85000,- differential taxation